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"A truly remarkable doctor"

Lynn Kirkpatrick

"Dr. Lievano not only saved my life, but also the lives of my babies, Gina and Jake. Twenty-seven weeks into my pregnancy, I developed a complication from pneumonia, which is often fatal. Had he waited any longer to admit me and do an emergency C-section, the three of us would not be around today. I trusted Dr. Lievano with everything most precious to me -- the lives of my children -- and would do so again without an ounce of hesitation. He is professional, kind and a truly remarkable doctor."

"We will forever be thankful for his service"

Nancy Rodriguez

"I am sincerely grateful for the care I received from Dr. Lievano during my pregnancy. Dr. Lievano made me feel at ease during all of my appointments. His knowledge, compassion and support were evident throughout every visit I had with him. My husband and I always felt comfortable speaking with Dr. Lievano and he always answered all of our questions thoroughly and with the utmost care. We will forever be thankful for his service and consider ourselves fortunate to have had him as our doctor. We have referred several of our friends and family to him, certain that he will provide them with the same excellent care we received."

"I would recommend this procedure to anyone! I feel FABULOUS!"

Irene Perusina

"In March 2010, I underwent robotic surgery for a hysterectomy. I had all the trepidations that come along when you have major surgery -- I was sacred, anxious and worrying I would have to wait weeks to get back to work, even though Dr. Lievano explained to me that that would not be the case.

"To my surprise, the procedure was not what I expected at all. The day after my robotic surgery, I felt really good! There was a little discomfort, but I had had worse cramps during my menstrual cycle than what I was feeling. The second day, I felt even better and was discharged to go home. On the fourth day, I baked pumpkin bread for the nursing staff and brought it to the hospital. And I can tell you I felt great! That following Monday I was back to work and I haven't look back ever since.

"I would recommend this procedure to anyone who needs it! I feel FABULOUS!"