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Preventive Care

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It is recommended for every woman to have an annual exam with her gynecologist. Annual appointments are especially important if you are sexually active or have history of abnormal pap smears. During your regular preventive care visit with one of our physicians the following might be performed:

• A pelvic exam
• Pap smear exam
• Routine blood work and a urinalysis to check for any abnormalities
• The doctor will perform a breast examination, and show you how to perform a self-breast exam every month.
• The doctor will let you know the age you should begin to have a mammography
• Other gynecologic screenings will be perform if needed
• The importance of diet and exercise will be discussed
• Recommendation of any supplements for bone health and to schedule a bone densitometry.
• Suggest other tests for thyroid and/or cholesterol
• Recommendation of a Colonoscopy, pelvic ultrasound and genetic tests if necessary.