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Gynecological: Regular Check ups

Every woman since the teen years must have an annual appointment with her gynecologist. They are an important part of your care with Lievano - Perez OBGYN of Miami. These annual appointments are especially important when you are sexually active. During your regular preventive care visit our specialist will exam you according to the following:

• Perform a pelvic exam
• Take a pap smear
• Get routine blood work and a urinalysis done to check for any abnormalities
• The doctor will examine your breasts, and show you how to perform a self-breast exam every month
• The doctor will let you know the age you should begin to have a mammography
• Offer best contraceptive options you
• Other gynecologic screenings will be perform if needed
• Discuss your diet and exercise
• Perform bone densitometry and recommend any supplements for bone health
• Suggest other tests like thyroid and cholesterol
• Recommend a Colonoscopy, pelvic ultrasound and genetic tests

During your annual visit for gynecological preventive care you may ask your doctor at Lievano - Perez OBGYN of Miami about any questions or concerns about your health.